The Taskforce is On the Move

First, welcome to our new website, one indication of our continuing commitment to the homeless in our community. Since the Taskforce began its work nearly 20 years ago, we have gone from a concerned few gathering in a church basement to a full-fledged community non-profit overseeing several transitional homes and a well-established winter sheltering program.

There are always new challenges, however, including the recent changes to our shelter program brought about by the pandemic. Faced with closing down the shelter or rapidly raising more than $100,000, we chose the latter and succeeded, thanks to the hard work of our board and the generosity of the community.

Of course, more challenges lie ahead. The Greater Plymouth area is growing rapidly and so too the need for more truly affordable housing and emergency shelter beds. Rest assured that the Taskforce is already working to expand our offerings, raise the necessary funds and professionalize our administrative capacity.

Can you help? Yes, you can!

There are a dozen ways that you can impact the lives of your neighbors in need. Just ask us.