Partnerships with Businesses & Community Organizations

Businesses and organizations that partner with the Taskforce are not just keeping people off the street, they are investing in the communities on which they depend for their continued success.

It costs less to house the homeless than support them on the street. When the state steps in, it’s as a last resort, and it often takes two to three times as much financial support from government to leave people on the street, as it does for the Taskforce, along with its partners, to secure or create new affordable, permanent housing.

What would you rather pay for? CONTACT the Taskforce to learn how your support can help end homelessness: not for a day, or a night, or a week, but permanently.

partnership hands together

Thank you to those organizations who gave generously during 2020-2021:

South Coast Community Foundation, SCCF

Eastern Bank Foundation & Eastern Bank

Camden National Bank

North Easton Savings Bank

Hollis Insurance

Chiltonville Congregational Church

Plymouth Church of the Pilgrimage

Polly Main Foundation