Overnights of Hospitality Set to Begin

For its 17th season, the Overnights of Hospitality, the emergency sheltering program for unhoused individuals, is set to begin on Sunday, November 28th, 2021. We will be returning to the use of churches as host sites which includes First Baptist, Christ Church, and St. Mary’s Parish. (Site Schedule)

We continue to collaborate with Father Bill’s/Mainspring which provides one paid staff person per night with the Taskforce providing a volunteer as a second chaperone and meal providers.

We seek new volunteers to chaperone (Chaperone Guidelines) and serve meals (Meal Provider Guidelines). Please go to MealTrain (https://mealtrain.com/k4w5gd) website to sign up.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Taskforce and Father Bill’s are requiring that all staff and volunteers be vaccinated against Covid-19.

To ensure health and safety, we will be following CDC guidelines – screening of staff and guests each night, masking except when eating, sleeping, and outside breaks, social distancing, and cleaning.

For further information regarding volunteering as a chaperone, meal provider, or for other ways in which you can help, contact Connie Melahoures at 508.367.0516 or email conmel@aol.com.