Volunteer Opportunities

Overnights of Hospitality

Volunteers can sign up to serve as a chaperone or meal provider through Meal Train.

Chaperone Hosts: One volunteer, to assist  Fr. Bill’s staff person, is needed each night to stay with the men. It may be a male or female.  Chaperones arrive around 6 PM and leave around 7 AM when the men leave.

Meal ProvidersIndividual(s), family, or  community groups are responsible for buying, preparing,

Scouts Serving Dinner

and serving a meal. Generally, the meals are prepared at home and heated at the site. All sites have a kitchen. Dinner is usually served around 6:30 PM.

Gear Transporters: Individuals with trucks transport the mats and gear Sunday afternoons to the next site. Time involves about one hour weekly, 5-6 PM. Volunteers are scheduled on a rotating basis.

Laundry Washers: Individuals pick up the sheets and pillowcases for washing at the end of each week.

Shower Monitors: Individuals (male) supervise showers which are offered once or twice per week depending on availability of volunteers. Shower facility is located in the Christ Church Abbey Hall Food Pantry.


Volunteer Application